I’m very excited when there is no response from you.

Hi. My name is Olga. Perhaps you were surprised when you received my message to your email address? I am 31 years old. I have my own business, but I can not find a loved one with whom I can begin to build personal relationships. I did not have a man for about two years. I gave a lot of time to my work and so I could not improve my personal life. I have no children and bad habits. I like to play sports, relax and have a good time with smart and understanding people. I’ll be glad to meet you and know more about you. I hope you will not mind talking to me?

I will be very grateful if you answer my message. It will be very pleasant for me to start communicating with you.

Also I have my own business. It was because of my business that I could not find a man with whom I could build a relationship.

I hope to see your answer soon.

Take care,