Hello my gentleman

Good Day Charming! I hope u will notice this mail and will carefully look it through. This’s my last try to find my sweetheart on the net because all my early approaches failed.I want to have strong relationship. If you are a not serious human who seeks sex and naked photos, I’d like you to skip my letter.I want you to understand what a person I am. My name is Tanechka.I live in a large city in UA – Ukraine.Do you know something about such a country? I often think to change my country. I am already thirty five and I am sure that I want to bind my life with a kindly and sharp man. So I am not going to play any games.I will never try to prove something to someone as I am read person. I have no financial difficulties as I am a dentist and work in a dental clinic.It’s some general information about me If you are interested in my letter, then I am waiting for your reply. So I would be happy to receive your letter and to know more about you your lifestyle and hobbies. In the coming days, I will check my mail and you may have already answered me.

Interested? Please reply ONLY to my personal mailbox: dentioclki@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you, Tanechka!