From Tamar

Hello my friend Alaaa !
I was looking forward to your letter. Thank you for not ignoring my
story. I really It’s nice to know you closer. How is your day today?
What do you do? How is your weather? I think that everything It’s fine
and your day is saturated. I think that now in your head there are
many questions. And one of the questions where I received your e-mail.
Now I would like to tell you about this. Recently I received a love
Internet newsletter, from an unknown addressee. In this letter, it was
talked about love relationships between people. In the list of e-mail
recipients, I saw your address. I thought for a long time before I
wrote you. I really have nothing to do with spam, just my heart Has
prompted to write to you, and now I do not regret about it. My friend
Ales, I think that it will be interesting for you to also learn
about what I like to do in my free Time, than I’m fond of in life. My
hobbies are mainly aimed at studying culture, architecture and folk
life. I like Painting, theater and everything related to art. I like
to listen to classical music. You know, when I was I read a lot of
historical books about my country. I always liked to learn about
cultural values Countries of Europe and Asia, as well as all countries
in the world. I believe that we need to know the history that
surrounds our world. The most The main thing is that we live in
peacetime. In each country, cultural rules are respected and Georgia
does not an exception. I want you to learn my other hobbies. I really
like to go in for sports. I believe that movement is life! I like
running around in the morning. I try to attend the gym, because every
girl should maintain a good figure. In the summer, I like to ride a
bike, swim, play volleyball and sunbathe in the sun. In summer, I am
very I love to meet the dawn and see off the sunset, on the river
bank. Maybe in the future we will be able to meet the dawn Together,
my dear friend Ales? In the winter, I skate. The winter in my
country is not so cold and there is almost no snow. But in my city
there is a closed skating rink where it is possible to skate all year
round. I always dreamed of skiing down mountains, but it’s just my
dream, Which is possible in the future will become a reality! I like
to read books. Especially I like novels and love detectives. I like
listening to music. Special I prefer, of course, to classical music –
Bah, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. I like some Electronic and pop music too. I
have never traveled outside of my country, so one of the most
cherished desires in life is a journey. I would like to see the
culture and people from another country. I’m very interested to know
you. I think that We will definitely find a common language. All
friends tell me that I’m a cheerful girl. I really lead an active
lifestyle. I like Communicate and learn new people. I like gay
companies. Now, unfortunately, I do not have much time to To
communicate with friends, because I have a lot of work. I am very
calm, romantic and intelligent girl. In the shower, I Sensual and
tender. Sometimes, I like to walk alone, in a city park. I look at
people’s faces, I see A lot of emotions. Someone enjoys life, someone
has a broken life and no chance to go back. But people Continue to
live. It hurts me to look at sad faces. If I had the opportunity, I
would give Every person has happiness and a smile. I always wanted to
have a man next to me who can truly love me. I’m looking for true
love. You’re looking for love too, Ales? I think that we are much
alike. In relationships, I value trust, understanding and, of course,
love for each other. I want a person with whom I I will always,
understood me, never offended and loved. I want only a serious
relationship. I do not want any games. I think that you are looking
for a serious relationship too, Ales? I’m looking forward to your
new letter to me.
Your friend, Tamar.